About Malia…

I used to have a newsletter for years till one of my dancers suggested that I move it to a blog and created this back in 2010. Over the next 2years this blog became a place where the dancers of Malia Movement Company could blog, share events or post various Galleries of our performances. Later it became a platform for me to share my poetry and continue to share mini interviews with various artists from around the Bay (most of whom I had grown up with since moving here in 1985). I found that the majority of my ‘writing’ was saved for Facebook, a powerful platform if you can ignore the online silliness, and my blog was slowly being neglected so I decided to switch my focus this New Year and attempt to blog daily, with weekly themes. Wish me luck 🙂 Malia

Malia Movement Company (MMCo) was created in 1992 as a vessel to bring together and heal women of varying ethnicities, ages, body types and socioeconomic status through the art of dance. Malia Movement Company’s programs have evolved into visual meditations; experiences that embody a seamless blend of Malia’s fluid movement vocabulary, social consciousness and commitment to artistic diversity. As a Dunham trained dancer, Malia personally identifies with movement that is healing, socially relevant and multidimensional. She prides herself on creating pieces that educate with a light touch, and her choreographic works often shed light on social issues such as single parenting, being of mixed heritage or the plight of indigenous peoples.
goddess speak...

Tuffgyal808 Photography began in 2008, as a tool for Malia to further develop her manual camera skills, preferring film to digital. Her focus is split between 2 worlds, that of the Bay Area graffiti scene and the life of dancers and theater. She makes her photography accessible by vending them as jewelry, greeting cards or abstract collages for purchase $5-$40. Her work can be purchased at various events throughout the Bay Area, including here (found on the top right Menu tab). Thanks for shopping small and local…

4 thoughts on “About Malia…

  1. I just wanted to comment on the positive influence Malia and the entire Malia Movement family has on my life. Always open, always willing to listen, and always bringing out the best in all around her. I have had the fortunate opportunity to be welcomed and encouraged in all that I do from within me. From cooking to rapping, to parenting and cohorting, the experience’s have shaped me into who I am. I am growing and learning everytime I experience Malia Movement company. The vibes for the most postive and explosive person you can be; that’s what I get from this family and I treasure it all. Kinda hokie, but oh so real. It’s beautiful……..

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