Final Thoughts: Confronting Ageism

*I watch a lil ole lady walk the length of whole foods everyday as I wait for my daughter to get out of school. Her slow deliberate gait is so fragile that she reminds me how much I take for granted. Thank you, Auntie*


Embrace the beauty found in those gray hairs, wrinkles and thicker shapes. steady reppin’ the Fierce Goddess we aspired to as little girls… How else will the youth recognize their elders??


Media Controlled

Media is how the masses are controlled. How a minority (in this case, white men) can brainwash a majority (ie People of Color) with their idiot boxes and paper media filled with insecurities. And because their money controls this information, it’s how they’ve been able to normalize their whiteness ..force their agenda onto us.. including how we age.


Senior Fashion

In a society who is so afraid to age, I find it interesting that when thinking fashion.. the aged are never mentioned. As if those creative youths didn’t grow up. Maturing doesn’t mean you lose your uniqueness, despite how the media controls our collective brain. Here’s an ode to grown fashion…





Anti-Ageism Alert

Just saw a post on ’17 horribly aged celebrities’ and it makes me sad how living under white supremacy creates so much fear and in this case, the fear of aging. Half of the celebrities looked crazy because they already had plastic surgery to begin with and a couple were under 30?! And as far as the others, they look like white folk in their 60s ..shoulder shrug. Too bad white supremacist based media can’t embrace their elders because it’s affecting all of us and how we maneuver ‘growing old’. Perhaps for 2016 y’all can stop focusing on the fountain of youth and look towards the wisdom of Aging.. we should be so lucky.


**Highlight of my student performances from Senior Hula class? Being told, with tears in eyes, how grateful they were to perform again after so many years of being told that their years of stage work were over. Just another reminder as to why I do what I do ♥**