Final Thoughts: SelfCare

Addiction is real and needs immediate addressing.. and I don’t mean just good old fashioned U.S. addictions like drug or constant porn use but also the subtle addictions …For 2016, let’s shift unhealthy addictions for the betterment of our Community by getting obsessed with keeping our shorelines clean, eliminating the sex trafficking in our neighborhood, checking sexism/racism head on, and addicted to getting outside to commune¬†with Nature. The only way to make any change is to be that change. ‚Ä™



*i dreamed all night of swimming in warm waters and woke well rested. i haven’t had that type of healing dream in a minute and feel centered*

the how to’s of Hugging


The Great Zen Buddhist Teacher Thich Nhat Hanh on How to Do “Hugging Meditation”

Going Y(in)

At the beginning of the year I completed a month long retreat of going Y(in)… a sweet honoring of the winter season. I embraced many treats including meditation to still my mind, long walks in nature to breathe in abundant oxygen, hanging with new friends for nourishment, taking the time to read to keep my mind agile, de-stressed with facials, manicures, full body massages and basically getting quiet by going in to listen what my body needed. We can’t fight a corrupt system if we don’t have a strong center to work from…