“goddess speak”

She who must climb to attain purity of self
is operating from the essence of wholeness
for hibiscus bloom all around Her

She hints that the finest thing in the world
is knowing how to belong to yourself
and I bond with the Goddess Spirit who dwells in the glowing lava

I watch Her support the moon on Her back teaching me
that all forms reflect forever and it appears fate has stepped in leading me
to the sacred well fed by underground rivers and waterfalls

I watch Her spirit announce rage to all those
who would not listen to her quieter messages
then heals with black stone of obsidian

butterfly medicine defines me
buffalo medicine defends me
but Yemaya, the mermaid, She ends it
perhaps the seed planted was liberation…


Indigenous people around the globe are very connected to the land. It seems that Western society is the only one disconnected (less the handful of tree hugging hippies and outdoor activists sprinkled among them). True lovers of the land understand that we don’t need to heal the earth, she’s fine.. It’s us.. We need the healing.

George Helm quote


“Racism is here forever. It’s in the blood cuz white folks owned us and they will never get over it cuz imma tell you why… Getting away wasn’t a chapter. We tricked they ass.. We got away. And they ain’t goin never be the same”. ~Paul Mooney on white America


You don’t get to voice your white supremacy without repercussions. And when I do call you on it, you don’t then get invited to my table for further discussion. I already see your ignorance disguised as sudo academia.. Regurgitating what this oppressive system has force fed us ..fvck outta here with that nonsense.


the thing about violence here in amerikkka, it’s nothing new. I mean, a group of white foreigners land on Plymouth rock and declare an occupied territory as their own.. Really? As if anyone of color could arrive at the shores of Europe and commit a similar land grab and not be in war.
The USA is seeped in violent tendencies because the original colonizers vibrated from that energy; which is unfortunate considering they met some of the wisest people to walk this earth. AND instead of breaking bread the proper way, these foreigners tried to kill off the original inhabitants, stole their land, and then enslaved Africans for forced labor and ridicule. Turtle Island has never recovered…



Truth telling is some powerful magic.
As I age I see how the positivity of it, no matter how painful the lesson, influences my life.. from personal relationships between a lover or a family member to a wider scale reach within social justice work. I find that my truth may not be yours and that’s ok. We can agree to disagree…



I find that when I am silent about an issue, most times then not, I’m biting my tongue to not embarrass the other.. almost to help them save face when I should make it a teachable moment. Earlier today, a white man sleeping and taking up 2 seats on BART barked at an elder sista when she asked to sit down. The other white folk looked at him with disgust but no one said anything; no one checked their Tribe. I spoke up, offering my seat to her and couldn’t help calling him an asshole, but more out of an observation then a confrontation. Later another man, this time a brotha, asked me for a cigarette to engage me and then proceeded to share a graphic sex scene that he just watched. Really??