Final Thoughts: Rise Up & Fight Back

In the state of emergency that we all live in these days, fighting police brutality, gentrification, white supremacy …it’s a wonder that our health isn’t taking more of a beating; or is it? This is a call out for each of us to take the time to breathe in goodness and breathe out negativity. ‪#‎fuckgentrification‬ ‪#‎fuckdisplacement‬ ‪#‎fuckgreed‬ and be ashamed at the blatant disrespect towards the original inhabitants of North amerikkka…the true Indigenous.

12552769_10204086053071981_4094209107856325433_n artist: Oscar Guillen

Squashing that Divide and Conquer mentality

Race is a touchy subject to discuss here in amerikkka because of the damage done by the original immigrants to this land. It continues to divide us. POC on one side, white people on the other and in the middle sits the white allies AND non-whites who choose to be socially unconscious. Discussion can be hard but it is so necessary if we are ever going to tear this corrupt system down. And we will.

As Terisa Siagatonu shares:
“Yes, the Polynesian Panthers was an actual organization that stood for Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander unity by resisting anti-blackness and white supremacy. Yes, they modeled themselves after the Black Panthers. Yes, our people have forgotten about these shared struggles. But we have the power to remember and reclaim. Know history, know self. #BlackLivesMatter #OceaniaForJustice”

what white folk say

You’d be surprised the shit good intention white folk say to People of Color.. some of it blatant, some subtle but all of it out of pocket and in need of quick acknowledgment and correction. I think too long we’ve ignored these slights and for various reasons (maybe not to embarrass said white person, or not to make situation awkward for ourselves, or maybe we just don’t have the energy to teach yet another, etc) but it is our duty to help them understand that what they say is offensive. Ignorance is not bliss. So here are some examples from a few years back that should be studied and then removed from all dialogue…