Al Lin Gallery “510inthe707”


Malia Movement Company presents an evening-length performance entitled “510 in the 707”  with Featured Guest artists Heather Watkins, peck peck dance ensemble, Sandra Garcia Rivera, Safahri Ra and Smart Mouth & the Know it Alls. (Bay Terrace Theater, Vallejo)

Malia Connor gets prepared in dressing room

MMCo performs company dancer Veleda Roehl’s work “Harvest”


MMCo performs company dancer Catarina Gallardo’s work “in girum imus nocte et consumimur igni”

MMCo performs “Heap of Lava”


MMCo performs 3rd section of “goddess speaks…”

Past Reviews for Malia Movement Co

Here are a few Reviews shared by ‘critics’ over the years of MMCo. It’s interesting to read outside perceptions of us, as a whole…

This Article was written for a piece I reworked called “Heap of Lava” for the Black Choreographer’s Festival 2005. It was a 3 part suite that I invited Kaiaulu Hula Halau to perform in the final section and is about the overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation by American business men with the help of the American Military..

This review came from OAKBOOK’s 3rd issue back in 2007. I guess I represent a miracle, in that I am over 40 and not a size 0… yet I have a dance company of Women representing varying sizes and colors and I, myself, dance. Amazing! Just goes to show how some media tries to dictate our own personal boundaries and paths…

This article was written for a Native Hawaiian history lesson at Eastside Arts Alliance entitled “Hawaiian Native Lands: Seized, Not Ceded,” a combination dance performance and discussion focused on Native Hawaiian struggles…

photo by Al Lin

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510 in the 707