cynical, yes.

Call me cynical but…
We live in a place where People of Color are not valued, where Children & Elders are not honored, where our Women are stolen and our Men are killed. Never turn a blind eye to amerikkka…

Please be more careful, white hipster dude.. I know that there are new bike lanes heading to the East from Lake Merritt, so you feel entitled BUT when you cut off a truck filled with Brothas and THEN mouth off, well that’s why they pulled over. To remind you that you were in Oakland.. not new Oakland, but regular ole ‘watch yourself’ Oakland. I know, it got a lil real, huh? Lucky for you I was there to relax these Brothas else I think that was about to be a whole different kinda sceanrio ‪#‎yourewelcome‬

As I listen to gentrifiers AND those not originally from the area constantly complain about our food, sport teams, music, etc, I realize how fiercely West Coast I truly am. I mean, I was born and raised on Oahu and have resided here in Cali (both Southern and Northern) for decades. And yes, I have a love/hate for the ways that have transformed Turtle Island but again I am from this region.. West Coast and If you don’t like it here, go back to your snow or “real” City and make room for us locals that are getting pushed out.


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