Final thoughts: Hawai’i History

It’s hard for me to stay on task right now, in terms of this blog. I told myself that this year I needed to write more and to share what I research. I also wanted to exercise discipline by choosing a theme each month to explore. This month (Theme 1) I’ve been lightly sharing my view on the current state of the Islands of Hawai’i and let it be know that I believe that Hawai’i is for Hawaiians. Period. I hope I did my mother good by exposing some of the injustices happening there, today… it’s not all hula skirts and puka shells, contrary to the propaganda.
Beloved QueenQueen Liliuokalani, by Tuffgyal808

With that said I need to shift gears to focus my father’s ancestors.

Black and Brown people are getting gunned down by Police every day. I am reading numerous articles and watching countless video of us dying. More and more of the conscious seem outraged and the peoples voice is getting louder. From Black Lives Matter to Say Her Name, people are not tolerating the bullshit force fed to us by our government anymore. And I vow to myself that they will not desensitize me to the daily brutality. Yes, I’m off task but then I look at who the colonizers are and I see that on both sides of my bloodline we fight a common enemy. I may no longer be on the front line these days, admittedly motherhood changed me in that sense of never wanting to be taken from her (or vice versa) so I protest through my dance and poetry and photography and voice. And I stand in solidarity with all those rising up in our nation against this hateful system trained to kill us, instead of protect us.. build with us.. learn from us.


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