“Poi Dog Teachings”

Quick clarity moment:
Just because you live(d) in Hawai’i does not make you Native Hawaiian. I don’t care if you resided there for 1 month or 10 generations. Native Hawaiian is a culture of people, just like Italians, Nigerians, Japanese, etc. Native Hawaiians are nothing like being from a state (Californian, New Yorker, Texan, etc) because numerous cultures can reside in a state and not lose their heritage. Again, Native Hawaiian is an actual Nation of Brown Indigenous people that lived on the Islands of Hawai’i hundreds of years before haoles accidentally found us and began their illegal land grab that has never stopped. With that said, Native Hawaiians or Kanaka Maoli can reside ANYWHERE on this globe and still be Native Hawaiians


I am a poi dog embracing my lineage
She who eats her children but let’s one survive
The ‘cultural imprint’ of Haumea, Earth Mother

I am the box where you check ‘other’
The perseverance needed to survive here on Turtle Island
because the Natives are indeed restless

I am the creation chant of the Hanai mother
Black Hawaiian Chinese Filipina Native American mother
fighting the pilikia for self-determination

I am the mixed girl unafraid of the injustices placed at my feet
And I choose to decolonize the mental teachings
As I maneuver this sacred dance to cleanse the ‘aina

intuition is my guide to the path of basic Freedom poured into the molten lava of thick molasses that echoes my profound sadness to what genocide truly means

I am the Kapa maker, the Lau Hala weaver
Preferring to protect my mana behind the clouds
As I plant bits of my heart in kalo fields to feed my soul

I am so many cultures blending
Searching for my home
in the face of your indifference to my identity… apparent

I am not here to be an exotic vision of fantasy
For I look the way I do because of the choices my ancestors made and I make no apology

I am the oral tradition so don’t speak for me
My voice is clear if you listen
Besides you don’t really learn anything unless you feel it…



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