“always romanticized”

Intro borrowed from the book, ‘Light in the Crevice Never Seen’ by Haunani Kay Trask. What follows is truth, not normally spoken on, let alone acknowledged by the mainstream.

My people have lived in the Hawaiian Islands since the time of Papa –Earth Mother and Wakea –Sky Father… Our culture depended on a careful relationship with the land, our ancestor, who nurtured us in body and spirit.

For over one hundred generations, we tended the earth. Then, in 1778, white people arrived on our shores… They brought violence: the violence of first contact, the violence of plague and death, and the violence of dispossession.

By the arrival of the first missionaries in Hawai’i in 1820, more than half the estimated one million Hawaiians present in 1778 were dead from foreign, epidemic diseases. Within another twenty years, the population had halved again.

In 1893, the American military invaded Hawai’i, overthrew our chiefly government, and put an all-white puppet government in its place. We were forcibly annexed to the United States in 1898. Hawai’i has been an occupied country ever since.

‘Iolani Palace (corner room of imprisonment for beloved Queen Liliu’okalani) photo by TuffGyal 808

always romanticized

sweet messages filled with local style bits of poi    fish    rice
and I was so moved by the million of stars looking down on me when evil yelled from a moving truck, ‘go back to where you came from!’
imagine this haole man telling me   a native   Hawaiian
to go back to where I came from…
too much negative attitude and false pride
it’s time to clean house   clean out the Islands
Her sacred pools call out my name
and I drive upcountry through Kula to answer Her
in full counter-clockwise   I leave the lushness of the rolling green
to enter the land of the old lava flow
passing the sovereignty headquarters to the right
Pukana o’Kanialama is my family crest
exposing ancient knowledge growing kalo to give my mana back
i sit outside listening to auntie play her slack key guitar
beautiful Hawaiian melodies soothing
my ‘too long on the mainland’ blues
occasionally interrupted by those damn mynah birds
tip toe clanking on top of tin roofs
but this deep cleansing is bringing clarity to my thoughts…
Fast Forward:
a woman tourist I pass on King Street
looked so happy to be here
that her ‘paradise’ mentality took me a bit by surprise
not wanting her here and yet experiencing her joy
that’s the bittersweet
because of this I lash out to those around me
who are only appreciating the dignity of my origin
Thoughts Interrupted By The Same Tourist
Who Now Wants To Take My Picture
And This Pisses Me Off
my partner tells me to let it go because they’re here and that’s that
except it’s not that easy to just  let   it   go
and so I ignore his outlook and search for my own outlet
taking in the beauty of the Kanaka Maoli
yet watered down features of so many cultures blending
and still the Hawaiian odyssey is ongoing…
Hawaiian blood dripping to deep African roots
frustrated by ‘others’ claiming their right to the land
No Hawaiian Blood   No Polynesian Blood
but claiming so   as if it’s real hip to be Hawaiian
did you know that there will be no such thing as 100% Hawaiian?
my own daughter will not know ONE when she is an elder
recognizable genocide of yet another Indigenous Nation
and you think its hip to claim “Hawaiian”
the only link to my mother’s ancestors soon to be forever lost
got me daydreaming of a justifiable homicide
finding my own healing aspirations through
Brothas and Sistas within the Diaspora
Brown on Black   no crime
just uplifting souls who know we can’t be stopped
please challenge us   challenge our pulse
then become aware of the wind from our collective breath
embracing you as it whispers move forward
I mua   and I move forward…

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