smells of sweetness lead me to my past

as powerful music enters my soul

it helps   almost pushes   kindly forces me to create

movement and gesture combined with perfect faith

full moon pushed along passion

as a Brown Woman in red soaks in china rain at midnight

she presses play on a random tape   3 or 4 shades of Mingus roll off her breath

and i too am looking for the flowers that bloom

empowerment wrapped in that sheet of music

while the Black butterflies emerge taking flight on the Underground Railroad

we all need time.   we all need truth.

funk. soul. jazz. love.   it’s all relative.

it turned out not to be a session of free form improvisation

but set pieces perfectly performed

a lyrical interlude transformed by passion

leads me to my knowledge of self

you can see forever when you reap what you sow

there’s a profound eroticism in such a freedom

it brings divine suppleness and strength

i am when all is fierce

rebirth of incense and gardenias

i gather the stories of the sacred circle

and they tell me to turn around and go home to the waking of your soul

once there i find that the land is still giving birth in the silences

images float by on a dragonfly

forcing me to embrace the power of language and it is deep

like the moving sea between shores remind me

that nothing is worth more than today.

Mingus Amungus @Monterey Jazz Festival 95-96
dancers (Malia Connor, Tricia Perkins, Laila Jenkins-Perez) performing a yanvalou, photo by Jaan Jap

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