DJ Emancipacion: “So Lovely” resident DJ and owner of Super Juiced


Q#1: Are you a Bay Area Native? and if not, how long have you lived in the Bay? Emanne:  I moved to the Bay Area from Alexandria, Egypt when I was a teeny tiny little thing– age 18. I’ve lived in the Bay longest of all the cities I’ve lived in, so all though I’m not originally from the Bay Area, it feels most like home. I pretty much grew into myself in the Bay. I hella heart Oakland ❤ !

Q#2: When did you start on the creative path you are currently on? Emanne:  I’ve been obsessed with creating an alternate universe, one that’s beautiful and just and full of magic and creativity ever since I was in grade school. I had the best teacher in 4th and 5th grade– Mrs. Woods– she encouraged us to be different, to follow our hearts and be inspired by life. I’m a Gemini too, we get bored easily, so I’ve always been excited to try different things– performance art, film, fiction writing, spoken word. But it was my love for music that captured my imagination in a big way. And boy did it stick. Not to sound trite, but music really was my saving grace. If it hadn’t been for those tapes of Madonna, Prince, and Michael Jackson in my Walkman at age 11, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. I still remember the smell of a brand new tape cassette freshly peeled from its plastic wrap…heavenly.

Q#3: Where do you find your inspiration? Emanne: The epic 3rd world people’s movements for freedom and justice inspire me everyday. My people in Egypt are waging a fierce struggle against US imperialism as I write this, and I just can’t wait to get home to Oakland to get into the studio! The dedication people have to changing their lives and their future is so inspiring. I’m dreaming of the day I can say the same about the United States in a large scale way. Can you imagine if we all rose up against Washington tomorrow?

Q#4: What was the first piece of vinyl you ever purchased? Emanne:  I grew up admiring my dad’s small vinyl collection from afar (us kids weren’t allowed to touch it!) so vinyl had always been a sort of enigma to me until I started saving to buy my first pair of Technic SL-1200 turntables. My first piece of vinyl I picked up was Black Gold by Nina Simone, literally dug out of a box of giveaways in a friend’s grandma’s basement. Score!

Q#5: Anything else you’d like to share? a joke/quote? Emanne: find me and follow me at…!/DJEMANCIPACION!/pages/DJ-Emancipacion/52865768116

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