Gracie Ginian: Clothing Designer

Graciephoto by Tuffgyal808

Q#1: Are you a Bay Area Native? and if not, how long have you lived in the Bay? Gracie: I am not native to the Bay, but would visit a few times a year for work ( sewing and art installations)  before I moved here  3 years ago.

Q#2: When did you start on the creative path you are currently on? Gracie: I’ve been crafting since I was a child.. at  six I would make jewelry out of things I would find (bottle caps, barbie toys, twistie ties, ect.). By the age of 10 my mother gave me her  first sewing machine (an old singer from the 1950 ‘s) and I’ve been sewing ever since… going on 12 years now.

Q#3: Where do you find your inspiration? Gracie: Inspiration for me is everywhere, in the streets, in nature, people I see, music, friends, youth.  My fashion is inspired by pieces of culture from all over the world, my heritage, hip hop, traveling and art.

Q#4: What was the first piece of vinyl you ever purchased? Gracie: I don’t remember, but it evenually turned into an artpeice 😉

Q#5: Anything else you’d like to share? a joke/quote? Gracie: live your dreams, love yourself, express your creativity, laugh, dance and be yourself!


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