Mini Interview with Rochelle Faiola

31 Dec
“Portrait of a Friend” by TuffGyal 808

Rochelle Faiola: Founder of Ro’s Delectables Catering Service  Interview 2011

Q#1: Are you a Bay Area Native? and if not, how long have you lived in the Bay? Rochelle: No, I am not a Bay Area Native, but moved here from L.A when I was five years old.  I lived in Oakland for eight years, then moved to the burbs with my grandparents to Vacaville, CA.  That was when you knew all the people of color in town……feel me?
Q#2: When did you start on the creative path you are currently on? Rochelle: When did I start my creative path????? Hmmm, well, being a responsible Mother of two, my creative juices have dipped and dabbed over time.  I have surrounded myself with creative beauties, but when you have to feed and take care of others, sometimes things get put to the back.  But, creativity can resurface in a number of ways.  Like my catering.  My love of food began long ago and my desire to share was in me as a child.  So, to share food with those I love has been in the making for years.

Q#3: Where do you find your inspiration? Rochelle: I find inspiration in every day of life.  I am a people person, so to give and to be a part of community is easy for me.  I get satisfaction in the small and big things that I do, every day.

Q#4: What was the first piece of vinyl you ever purchased? Rochelle: The first piece of vinyl I ever bought was a 45″ of Atomic Dog, by George Clinton!!  Yeah baby, and I still have it.

Q#5: Anything else you’d like to share? a joke/quote? Rochelle: I believe that one of the biggest secrets in life is to think Win Win for all the people you encounter.  In relationships, in work, in life, it’s all about constant compromise.  The grass is never really greener, just different.  One love.

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3 responses to “Mini Interview with Rochelle Faiola

  1. Julie

    January 25, 2011 at 10:44 PM

    Love in interview and the photo is beautiful. We must create a win win for everybody. Food is a great way to share and communicate positive connections. Dance is another great way to communicate and share with all people it’s something everyone can do and feel in whatever way they choose to express it.

    • maliamovement

      January 26, 2011 at 6:11 PM

      thanks Julie for reading and responding…
      the photo was a piece of cake, being that your daughter is easy to photograph… all that beauty!! Malia xo

  2. Nicole

    June 13, 2011 at 2:09 AM

    Beautiful picture Rochelle and I truly know first hand what a good cook you are! I am still thinking about the chili that you made when we went camping!


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